An 18 point evaluation of the adobe scene7 360 product viewer


This is part 7 of our 10 part series comparing 360 product viewers. In this review we are taking a look at:




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This is by far the most widely used viewer on the market. It's made by the software giant Adobe and their scene 7 suite comes with lots of bells and whistles. However these features come with a high price tag. Pricing is not published, but according to the wikipedia article they are charging 30-50k anually!

This is post 7 of 10. So far we have covered:

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Consumer Experience


Load timeRating: 5 out of 20

Yikes! 12 seconds of initial load time on our simulated 3G connection. For as much as Adobe charges, you would expect something better. 

ZoomRating: 17 out of 20

Finally a high quality zoom. They are not only loading it on demand but also loading individual tiles. This is exactly the same we do it at hoot. We are a little bummed on the load speed though.

Full ScreenRating: 15 out of 15

Their full screen works great. 

UsabilityRating: 20 out of 20

It's awesome. I haven't found one issue with usablity.

Unified experienceRating: 4 out of 5

They don't have a unified experience as far as we can tell. They do offer a variety of services with scene7 though, so if you bake some of these in then you can probably get something similar to it.  

DisabilitiesRating: 0 out of 10

It appears that the developers did not consider disabled individuals. 






Desktop compatibilityRating: 25 out of 25

It works perfectly on a desktop computer. 

Mobile compatibilityRating: 25 out of 25

It also works perfectly on a phone.

DesignRating: 20 out of 20

It's probably the best we have seen thus far. Looks and feels great.

ResponsivenessRating: 4 out of 10

It's not very responsive. Every action seem to have a little lag in the viewer's response. 






FlexibilityRating: 2 out of 10

Tough to say. It's completely a black box to us. Some of our clients do use scene7 in addition to our software and from what we have heard, it's a ton of work to implement it.

Multilingual supportRating: 10 out of 10

No text anywhere, but we have heard that they support multiple languages from our clients.

Automated test suiteRating: 10 out of 10

Adobe does have an automated test suite and an api to hook into.

Inline embedRating: 20 out of 20

The only way this viewer works is inline. 






LicensingRating: 1 out of 10

We gave it a 1 honestly because 30k annually seems redicluous and puts this out of reach of a majority of companies. 

SupportRating: 1 out of 15

We assume they offer a great deal of support, but again, 30k is crazy. 

DataRating: 4 out of 10

If you use their full marketing suite then you can access data from scene7. To us this seems a bit like the wolf guarding the hen house. 

HostingRating: 15 out of 15

It's unclear. They say it's a hosted service, and to our understanding they do provide some level of hosting with a pay as you go model.





Thier viewer is truly world class. We just wish that it had faster load times and was priced for smaller bussinesses to be able to take advantage of. It's total rating was:




Rating: 198 out of 270




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