An 18 point evaluation of the hoot 360 product viewer


This is part 9 of our 10 part series comparing 360 product viewers. It is our final post reviewing viewers. This time we look at our own viewer:




Hoot 360 product viewer


First lets look at what we have covered thus far:


Once again, we have linked up each criteria's title back to this original post for reference.


Look, lets be honest here. This post is totally self serving. But guess what, if there was another piece of software out there that we felt was "good enough" or even close to "good enough" we would have just bought it outright or licenced the technology. We have poured thousands of hours and dollars into development and user testing. All of our design decisions are backed up real data from real customers. That being said, our solution is not perfect. Lets see how we do:




Consumer Experience


Load timeRating: 20 out of 20

Initial load is 2.2 seconds and all images are fully loaded in just under 5 seconds on our simulated 3G connection. When we first launched hoot initial load time was upwards of 6 seconds. Data showed us that only 70% of visitors would wait this long. We worked really hard to lower load times, and now 98% of visitors wait for hoot to load. 

ZoomRating: 20 out of 20

I honestly have never seen a zoom like ours on the internet. They go way past what you can see with the naked eye. We take our own photos so we can provide a zoom with much more details much faster. 

Full ScreenRating: 15 out of 15

We have a special kind of full screen. It goes full screen but stays contained within the browser window. This allows us to not disrupt the visitors workflow. It also allows for people to deep link directly into the full screen expereince. Our data and AB testing showed that our viewer boosts conversion rate by 74%.

UsabilityRating: 20 out of 20

Our viewer goes the extra mile and takes visitors on a tour showing them how to control the experience. 360 is not widely available so it's important to guide people into the whole expereince. 

Unified experienceRating: 5 out of 5

We have a unified expereince that allows for an unlimited number of other 360s embedded as one. 

DisabilitiesRating: 10 out of 10

As far as we know we are the only viewer on the market that thinks about those with disabilities. For example, it's super easy to use our viewer without a mouse. Simply use your keyboard to navigate around a product. 






Desktop compatibilityRating: 25 out of 25

It works perfectly across all desktop computers. 

Mobile compatibilityRating: 25 out of 25

On a phone is where we really shine. We are the most usable viewer on touch screen devices. It feels just like the product is in your hands.

DesignRating: 20 out of 20

We are very minimalistic and buttons are large enough for touch screen devices but not ugly or obtrusive. We also have all our controls drawn via CSS to ensure they always look crisp and clean.

ResponsivenessRating: 8 out of 10

We have worked so hard to create the most responsive viewer on the internet. We utilize hardware accelaerated CSS animations to smoothly transition between states.  






FlexibilityRating: 8 out of 10

We allow for so much customization but not nearly as much as other viewers. But we do this with purpose. The things we do not allow to be changed are locked down becasue we have data that shows that it increases conversion.

Multilingual supportRating: 10 out of 10

You can pass through and replace any text in any lanuage. 

Automated test suiteRating: 10 out of 10

We have a full automated test suite with over 800 individual tests to ensure our viewer always works.

Inline embedRating: 20 out of 20

We did a different take on this. We push people into our full screen experience. We tied the rotation of our inline embed into the scrolling of the whole page. This intrigues visitors to click on each animation causing the full expereince to load. Our data shows that this causes a higher increase in conversion. 






LicensingRating: 8 out of 10

Our viewer is free to use as long as you host with us. We have been thinking about open sourcing it too. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

SupportRating: 15 out of 15

We've got it all. Call us, email us. We have you covered. We will do whatever it take to get hoot up and running for you. We are litterally the only company out there that we know of that will give you all your money back if we don't increase your conversion rate. 

DataRating: 10 out of 10

We push directly to google analytics. 

HostingRating: 15 out of 15

We have the fastest hosted solution. Read about it here.





Our total rating was:




Rating: 254 out of 270




Surprise! We won our own evaluation. Talk about a biased series. But hey, if you disagree feel free to leave a comment and tell us why. Next we will wrap up our series with a full stack ranking so make sure to sign up for our email newsletter in our website footer to receive notifications about new posts and updates!