A dynamic viewer designed for an interactive product experience

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One of the most compelling attributes of hoot's imaging is how interactive the experience is while viewing a product in 360 or in operation. The secret to the magic is in the viewer itself. We spent hundreds of hours and invested a great deal of resources to deliver a powerful solution for our clients so they can maximize their investment in our imaging. Not only is it optimized for an in-store experience for online shoppers, but also works seamlessly across desktop and mobile to ensure it reaches the broadest audience possible, no matter what device they're shopping from. 


Although we don't require clients to use our viewer, it would be difficult to find or even build a substitute that offers the same functionality and usability. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we've been able to decrease the load time so that the product experience appears in seconds so consumers don't have to wait to see a product.


The quality and scope of the zoom is second to none and truly enables a shopper to see a product larger than life, instilling confidence in their purchasing decision. A unified experience that makes it easy to view multiple products without having to leave the viewer makes it easy to compare products with less clicks and navigation time. The fixed controls and clear icons increase the usability no matter the screen size or device to ensure a consistent experience. 

All of these features help bring a product to life for an in-store experience over the internet.




Our viewer is proven to increase conversion rates and engagement, and we have plenty of numbers to back up that claim. The product experience is so powerful and informing consumers are typically twice as likely to purchase compared to only seeing still images of the product. A small bump in conversion usually translates into hundreds and thousands of additional revenue for an organizaton, so one can only imagine how many times over it's paid for itself.


Consumers are also more engaged and have a positive shopping experience so are therefore more inclined to return for another purchase in the future. It's difficuly to argue with data, but if that's not convincing enough, try it out for yourself and we're confident you'll understand the impact it makes.  



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