Reduce customer support with hoot

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A major, and often overlooked, reason why shopping online can be frustrating for consumers is because they don't have a salesperson to answer their questions or explain the benefits of a product or how it works. In fact, U.S. brands lose approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service

Live chat helps so that consumers aren't put on hold or waiting for an email response, but still costs money and may not be immediately available. However, many online retailers do not realize how important a positive web experience is in aquiring and retaining customers, as well as growing their customer base through WOM.

Hoot's interactive product experience creates a positive and engaging in-store experience that not only helps to clarify details about a product in a visually engaging way, but is an invaluable apparatus to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, put it best: "If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful." 


Silent Support


Hoot acts like a silent salesman by effectively communicating a product's function, appearance, and features through interactive imaging. Enabling the product to speak for itself allows it to answer questions before they're even asked, therefore reducing the time spent by a customer support team. A majority of the product details that shoppers have questions on are simple things that are easy to understand in person, such as how one side of it looks, a pocket opens, or the folding functionality. These details typically not shown online, are made easily discoverable with hoot.

This not only frees up valuable resources internally, saving time and money, but also enables customer support to spend their time going the extra mile and being able to respond right away to customer questions, complaints, and assistance. Providing a positive experience is critical when it comes to service and support. In fact, 89% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they've experienced poor customer service

A reliable support staff is by far the most effective way to keep customers happy, but hoot's technology is a powerful front line of defense in fighting shopping confusion and frustration.  



Returning Resources


Additional cost savings occur with the decrease in product returns since customers receive what they're expecting after looking at a product with hoot's imaging. The amount of resources required to handle returns adds up quickly between receiving the return shipment, restocking, updating the inventory, and refunding the money back on top of handling additional customer service questions. 

There's also the overlooked potential value in additional revenue being generated from a happy customer purchasing more in the future, as 74% of consumers have spend more due to good customer service. When weighing out priorities in an ecommerce marketplace, the amount of money to be saved and potentially generated by providing dependable customer support is astronomical. 



Social Selling


"Don't mistake social as the core of the shopping experience. Social is a means to make shopping better, not vice-versa." - Cyriac Roeding, CEO of ShopKick

Did you know that over 45% of all online customers rely upon social media influencing their decision to buy from an online store? That's almost half of online consumers! It's imperative not to overlook this valuable and influential resource.  

Many businesses are shifting their online support to social communities in an effort to cut costs and still ensure their customers are receiving the help they need through the shopping process. Hoot's imaging takes it one step further by providing something meaningful that can be shared within the social community between members that have purchased the same product.

If a shopper doesn't understand how a product works or what it actually looks like from the photos and description, hoot's imaging can be shared within the social community to help demonstrate its functionality or show it from every angle. It's much simpler than needing to explain something or take another person's word for it, minimizing costs and time even further. It also provides a company's audience something interesting to comment about and share with others.