How hoot decreases product returns

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The costs associated with product returns is one of largest controllable costs for an online retailer. At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores, which speaks volumes. These unplanned expenditures often quickly diminish sales revenue, along with damaging a brand's reputation. And there is more money lost than just the refund, including shipping, restocking, and updating inventory.

Product returns will always be a part of selling direct to consumers, especially online, however hoot's imaging helps decrease the amount to improve your bottom line.



No more surprises


Our interactive 360 imaging gives consumers more visibility into your products by allowing them to see it from every angle providing them with a better understanding of what the product actually looks like in person. Since 22% of returns are due to the difference in product appearance compared to the online images, this is extremely beneficial. 

When online shoppers have the ability to examine an object more clearly, they’re making a more informed purchase and eliminating the guesswork. That means they’re less likely to return something because it looked different online from another angle. The online shopping confidence instilled with dynamic and lifelike imagery also contributes to additional sales. 



Give them control


Empowering consumers to interact with your products online through hoot increases their satisfaction because they’re in the driver's seat. Rather than being told how to use it or being shown an example of it in action, they get to try it out for themselves mimicking an in-store experience. Online shoppers are savvy nowadays, so providing tools that enable them confidently make a decision instead of being “sold to” will ensure they’re much more satisfied with their purchase.

This is especially important with mobile devices, as 70% of online transactions now occur on a mobile device. Due to the smaller screen in comparison to a desktop, it's often difficult to view the images in full zoom. Hoot's seamless mobile experience is designed to empower shoppers by offering complete control with pinch & zoom, flick spin, and easy-to-use buttons. This ensures they have an in-depth look at a product at their figertips before making the purchase. 

The ability to interact with a product on hoot is proven to keep them more engaged, therefore spending more time overall on a site and visit more pages. In fact, shoppers that interacted with hoot spent 350% more time and visited almost 8 more pages on a site on average compared to those that did not. With the amount of advertising spent to initially get shoppers onto a site, it's crucial to keep them there as long as possible, increasing their liklihood of making a purchase. 



Little details count


Overlooking the importance of being able to see minute details of a product can make a big negative impact on the bottom line. Providing the ability to get a close up view suggests how confident a seller is in the quality of the product, and in return customers will be more confident in their purchase. 

With hoot's high resolution zoom functionality, consumers are able to get up close and personal with products like never before. In fact, 61% of consumers claim that zoom is the most important feature in images. Our post-production process ensures that every individual image is hand-retouched to remove any dust or noise naked to the human eye. This enables shoppers to view every detail in granular level typically only seen in person. Offering this level of insight into the product minimizes surprises in color, texture, and material that would be a cause to return the product, meaning you can hold onto more of the revenue hoot has generated in sales.



Avoid Negative Reviews


Besides the images available of a product, another big factor that impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions is product reviews. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations - which is extremely powerful for a brand!

Even if you provide a positive shopping experience and delivery great products, a customer that’s frustrated because the item the received doesn’t match what they saw online is out of your control after shipping. This is why it's critical for customer satisfaction to accurately represent your profucts online through the images available. 

Hoot’s product experience drastically decreases the likelihood of a product not matching their expectation and therefore a negative review, positively impacting sales. It's important to keep in mind that customers are more likely to share bad experiences than good ones. Also, an unhappy customer is highly unlikely to buy your products again, so it's important to make sure they’re satisfied to encourage repeat business.