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Product imagery is critical while online shopping, as it's what consumers rely heavily on while making a decision whether or not to purchase. The photos convey how the product is built and an overall impression of its appearance, which is why it's imperative to put its best face forward to truly demonstrate the value, quality, and uniqueness. Hoot's imaging not only delivers world-class photos, but we take it another step further by enabling consumers to interact with a product as if holding it in their hands.

That is why clients typically double and triple their conversion rates with hoot.

The data doesn't lie. Not only have every single one of our clients' online conversion rates increased, but also the average order size and overall revenue. Hoot’s imaging directly increases sales in multiple ways, and often just selling one additional product pays for the imaging completely.

Want proof? Here are just a couple of real-life examples of how hoot's technology has impacted online conversion across devices and for companies of various sizes.


This lucrative return on investment is due to several factors, of which have been outlined below:



High Quality Images


Every photo is professionally hand retouched removing any dust or noise that may even be naked to the human eye and clipping the background for natural edges for enhanced product presentation. These provides consumers with a clearer understanding of what they're buying and reinforces the reasons why they should decide on that particular product, because if they are unabl to see what it looks like, it's unlikely they'll bite the bullet. 



In-depth Zoom


Expose every intricate and thoughtful detail with the ability for consumers to look closely at your product like never before. Our high-resolution zoom helps shoppers with their purchasing decision by going beyond the capabilities of the naked human eye. This ensures tiny details like fabric, stitching, and designs are seen larger than life in rich clarity so they don't go unnoticed. Understanding the material quality and texture and conceptualizing why it's so durable, comfortable, or soft is key when making a decision on what to purchase online. 



Alternate views


Offering product images from multiple angles provides a much better representation and helps showcase its features. We take it to a whole new level with our 360 degree viewing capabilities. With hoot, shoppers can spin a product with their fingertips to view it in every angle like never before, helping them visualize what it looks like in person. The capability to essentially hold it in their hands makes the product real, and therefore something they can't live without.

By simply uploading hoot's 360 imaging of their products onto Amazon, this client experienced a massive influx of sales generating thousands of additional revenue in less than a month. 



Product in Use


Another drawback of shopping online is not being able to try out the product to perceive how it's used. While lifestyle shots can provide some context, it doesn't achieve the same objective. Videos are also a great sales aid, but are passive and not always watched. 

Hoot's revolutionary operational imaging bridges the gap by enabling consumers to operate a product online. This provides understand of its functionality by experiencing first-hand the features that are impossible to convey in flat images alone. Imagine the ability to fold a stroller, access a backpack's secret pocket, or tighten a snowboard binding without ever having to step foot inside a store!