A cost effective solution that's all inclusive

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We've all been there before - paying for something that we don't need or use, but is part of a package. Cable television is the most recognized example, but there are plenty of other services that don't offer a-la-carte flexibility or nickel and dime for every little feature.



Between 1995 and 2005 the number of channels in the average cable bundle doubled in size and bills increased three times faster than inflation. FCC chairman, Kevin Martin, pointed out that "the average cable subscriber was paying for more than 85 channels that they didn’t watch in order to obtain approximately 16 channels."



We refuse to do the same to our clients, which is why you only pay for what you use with our media hosting platform. It's important that our clients hold onto as much of the additional revenue hoot generates for them as possible. 


How does hoot ensure that we're as economically priced as possible? Our pricing is structured to basically cover our costs of hosting the images on our server to ensure rapid download speed and no down time. Our nominal fee includes everything without any hidden charges or extra costs.


We also provide complete transparency allowing our clients to see precisely what their monthly cost is at in real time within the system at any time. Below is an actual screenshot of a client's dashboard detailing current monthly usage and charges.



Also, if there is ever a cause for concern or the rate doesn't seem right, we are more than happy to dive into it together to ensure everyone is on the same page and completely happy. There's no need to price shop elsewhere, we're confident in the value we deliver at a price that's reasonable and bundles together everything you need. 


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