How one company boosted sales on Amazon by uploading 360 degree videos


If I were to pick one word to describe Amazon's process of adding video's to a product listing it would be: Perplexing



In this guide we will demystify the entire process and share how one of our clients nearly doubled sales by incorporating them.





What does a 360 product video on Amazon look like?

Here is the live 360 degree product video on an Amazon listing details page. Below is a screenshot of how the video will appear:






The requirements



Hidden deep in the bowels of Amazon's support is this post on how you can upload to your product listing pages. Screen shot below:




The main takeaways are:

  • You must be a Vendor on Amazon not a seller. There is a great article here detailing the differences
  • Video must be in: mpeg, wmv, mov, or flv format
  • Video must be under 499 Mb in size
  • Video must be at least 720 px wide
  • Bitrate must be 872 kbps or higher
  • Aspect ration should be 4:3 or 16:9
  • The video must be uploaded to a file sharing site like
  • The video must not contain any watermarks 







How to download and convert videos from hoot



Head over to your hoot control panel and find the item you wish to upload a video for. Click the media tab and then click the download video link. Screenshot below:







Open the video in quicktime player and click on File > Export > 1080p. This will save the file in a format that Amazon will be able to work with. 








Getting the video onto Amazon



You will first have to upload your video to a file transfer service. We happen to use and like dropbox. Grab this link and copy it to your clipboard. 






Login to Amazon's vendor central. Click on Contact us in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to a page with two drop downs. Choose "Images and Video" from the first dropdown and "Video upload issues".

This is confusing but stick with me, this is the way to get it on Amazon. Now click on "Continue".





In this step pay attention as it is easy to make a mistake. Follow these steps:


Change Case title to: "UPLOAD VIDEO"


In the "please describe the issue" field:

  • Paste in the link to the video just to the right of "Video link (required)"
  • Paste in all the Amazon ASINs underneath "Target ASINs (required)". The ASINs should be one per line


Pro Tip: Make sure you include all size and color variations for the ASINs when pasting them in. 


Now click on the "Submit" button to submit the case. 



Below is an example of how the ticket will appear:






Now what?



When Amazon support adds the video to the product listing page is completely uneventful. Amazon will add the video within 24-72 hours and will not notify you once this is done. It's up to you to check in every 24 hours to see if it has been added. 



Once the support team has added the video to the listing details page a video will appear along side the other additional product images and will appear like so:






The results



Amazon vendor central has no reporting at the individual item level. But they do have summary level reporting. The graph below shows our clients overall sales YTD on Amazon for all of their products. 



The client that got these products up on Amazon is VSI Products. The videos went up onto Amazon on May 5th and at the time this report was pulled it was May 25th. So the gigantic spike your seeing above is only 2/3rds of the month of May. They also told us that it is has caused many products that were slow to move to start selling on a daily basis. In their own words, "We have seen thousands of dollars in additional sales since making these videos available to our shoppers".



Next Steps 



There is some opportunity for hoot to remove some of the friction of getting these videos to Amazon. We would really need to do the following:

  • Remove the hoot watermark
  • Produce videos that are compatible with Amazon
  • Provide links for the videos in the control panel so they are available to paste into Amazon's support tickets


Before building out this functionality we wanted to reach to our current customers and see if this is something that you would actually use and is of interest to you. Please leave us a comment below with your thoughts letting us know how likely you would be to use 360 videos on Amazon.


If your not a client of hoot and have questions feel free to leave us a comment or ask a question below.