Product imaging effortlessly embedded in seconds

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What’s the point of investing in a service or purchasing something that doesn’t work? It’s basically the same as throwing your money out the window since it delivers absolutely no value. The same applies with paying for product photography. There’s no point whatsoever if the images cannot be uploaded onto the website.


One of the biggest concerns brands have regarding hoot’s product imaging is if it's compatible for their site. With so many different web platforms and various customized sites out there, it’s hard to imagine that such advanced imaging technology will work on each and every one. Luckily we built our interactive product experience with that in mind.


Hoot’s media viewer is designed so that it is direct and simple to embed in seconds. All that’s required is copying a snippet of code provided, and pasting it into the back-end of the website.


Below is a screenshot from a hoot account where media assets are easily accessed. It illustrates how easy it is to grab the snippet of code that is used to quickly embed this product experience into a site.






In the case of custom built sites or unique web designs that may have a few extra steps initially to get it integrated a specific way, we provide complete support every step of the way to ensure 100% satisfaction in the final outcome.

We are so confident and focused on the peace of mind and happiness of our clients, that we guarantee our imaging can be embedded or their money back. No questions asked. Now that’s an investment that delivers value straightaway.



Still not convinced?


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