An 18 point evaluation of the magic 360 product viewer


This is part 5 of our 10 part series comparing 360 product viewers. In this review we are taking a look at:




Magic 360 product viewer


This is one of the best viewers on the market. There are some scrolling issues similiar to the yofla 360 product viewer, but they have eliminated this problem on mobile devices, which is a step in the right direction.


We are on post 5 of 10, and in our first post we laid out the criteria of this ranking: 18 vital points to consider when choosing a 360 product viewer. We have linked up each criteria's title back to this original post for reference. Now let's take a look into the Magic 360 product viewer and what it has to offer. 




Consumer Experience


Load timeRating: 10 out of 20

Initial load time was 7.5 seconds on our simulated 3G connection. This is the one of the better load times so far, but still could use some work. 

ZoomRating: 13 out of 20

They are loading higher resolution images when zooming, so load speed is optimized. However, they are loading the entire high res image which limits the zoom capabilities.

Full ScreenRating: 12 out of 15

Their full screen works great. It does seem rather pointless though with the way they have implemented the magnifying glass for zooming.

UsabilityRating: 15 out of 20

Overall it very usable. The only issue we could find was that on a desktop computer scrolling is captured by viewer and it prevents the browser from scrolling further.  

Unified experienceRating: 4 out of 5

They have some other tools to help create a unified experience. These are not uncluded with their base package though. 

DisabilitiesRating: 0 out of 10

It appears that the developers did not consider disabled individuals. 






Desktop compatibilityRating: 20 out of 25

It works on a desktop computer minus scrolling.

Mobile compatibilityRating: 10 out of 25

It functions well on a phone but pinch and zoom are not working. The zoom is basically completely broken on a touch screen device.

DesignRating: 18 out of 20

Very slick minimalistic design. We love it.

ResponsivenessRating: 7 out of 10

It's very responsive. But again, the scrolling makes the whole site feel broken. Zoom is also unusable on a phone






FlexibilityRating: 10 out of 10

They have done a ton of work implementing plugins for shopping carts. They also have useful highly detailed examples of how to pass in options to get they viewer to operate as you wish without writing any code. 

Multilingual supportRating: 10 out of 10

They allow for any text to be passed right through to the hint text on the viewer. Nice work.

Automated test suiteRating: 0 out of 10

There is no automated test suite.

Inline embedRating: 20 out of 20

The only way this viewer works is inline. 






LicensingRating: 9 out of 10

They have several pricing options based on number of domains all with unlimited usage. 

SupportRating: 9 out of 15

It looks like it comes with 30 minutes free email support and you have to purchase extra if needed. They are missing telephone support. 

DataRating: 0 out of 10

They do not offer any analytics integration. 

HostingRating: 2 out of 15

No hosting is provided, so it's up to you to figure that out. We did give them some points for all their available plugins for ecommerce platforms.





Best viewer we have reviewed thus far. It's total rating was:




Rating: 170 out of 270




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