Top 10 photography studios in New York

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Looking for the perfect photography studio in New York City to shoot your next commercial, latest products, or catalog imaging? There are a lot of factors to take into account besides cost, which is why doing your homework before making a final selection will help mitigate issues that come up when the camera is ready to roll. To get you started, here is a list of 10 rental studio recommendations in the Big Apple based on studios available, size, type of lighting, and services.


1. Sandbox: With a location in both New York City and Brooklyn, convenience is just one of the reasons this studio made it to the top of the list. There are also production offices available including a post-production department and many spacious studios drenched in natural light to choose from. Some other bonuses include a plethora of hair/make-up stations, 360 degree views of the city, ping pong table, and drive in access based on the location.

  • Drive in access
  • Spacious studios with natural light
  • 360 degree city views




2. LightSpace Studios: There’s a reason why recent clients include Bentley, Vogue, and Aldo - these studios offer it all. The full service photo and film production facility has a large inventory of lighting, grip, camera, digital capture, and a large crew roster to make sure you can take full advantage of the 28’ foot ceilings and huge rooftop access.

  • Rooftop access
  • Full service production facility
  • Large equipment inventory




3. Canoe Studios: Priding themselves in delivering the best service possible, Canoe offers everything from digital, lighting, grip rental, props, and catering. Access to a large in-house inventory of equipment and relationships with other rental houses ensures every need is met, no matter how unique. It’s hard to imagine leaving with the incredible views that accompany the services!

  • First class service
  • State of the art sound system
  • 5 studios available with flexible layout




4. Highlight Studios: The name says it all. If your focus is on still shots and perfect lighting for a small-scale production, this is the spot. Constructed to optimize the space for continuous natural soft light, while maintaining the power to direct the amount and direction with remote-controlled window shades.  An 1,100 square foot deck also provides a space for open air shoots.

  • Continuous natural soft light
  • Large rooftop deck
  • Full kitchen and bathroom




5. NEO Studios: Pick your floor plan based on your needs from the 3 configurations available at NEO’s facility. They understand every shoot has its own unique requirements, so an array of amenities, cameras, stands, set supplies, and lighting options are available. In-house professional-level video, photo, and event production are also an offering to make your life easier.

  • 3 studios with various configurations
  • Video, photo, and event production services
  • Complete inhouse equipment available




6. Drift Studio: Want the entire place to yourself and only pay a flat fee for full access to studio equipment and space, including a $2,000 espresso machine? If so, Drift is your spot. This “imagination space” has a ton of natural light and an airy rustic vibe that will get the creative juices flowing.

  • All equipment and gear included
  • Tons of natural light
  • Upscale amenities 




7. Fairway Studios: It may not offer the biggest studios in terms of size, but the ability to rent by the hour is part of the appeal, especially for small-scale shoots. Not to mention a desirable location in Chelsea with flexible hours to work around your schedule. The rental fee also includes an impressive amount of equipment, with more available to rent.

  • Convenient location on Chelsea district
  • Print and design services available
  • 2 studios with hardwood floors and large windows




8. Contra Studios: This full-service studio rental is designed to accommodate any type of media production in every stage of the process. The studio space is an impressive 4,000 sq feet of open space that also comes fully equipped for photography and video shoots. A post production room and additional services are available including creative, photographers, animation graphics, and video production.

  • Facility used for film, photography, video, castings, fashion, and dance
  • Creative services available
  • Fully equipped lighting




9. Chemistry Creative:  Although not as centrally located in Brooklyn, Chemistry Creative specializes in creating immersive multi-platform experiences that make it worth mentioning. Their full service creative and film/video offerings can assist in every part of the production process with full crew staffing. The two studios both have drive-in access and an industrial feel with more than enough open space.

  • Specialize in audio visual and multimedia
  • 2 studios with drive in access
  • Full service creative agency




10. EZ Studios: This newly renovated studio offers 3 unique spaces for rent based on the scale, type, and needs of the shoot or production. Fully equipped kitchens, blackout capability, rental furnishings, high ceilings, multiple levels, and walls that can be painted to suit your needs make EZ Studios perfect for any project.

  • 3 studios with main studio of 4,500 sq. feet
  • Eight-foot wraparound windows on 3 sides
  • Balconies and rooftop access




We've included an interactive map below that marks out the main locations of these 10 studios below: