Freedom to choose with no contracts

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Nobody likes to be tied down. In this day and age people are used to getting what they want when they want it. So why would a company force one upon its customers. 

In my experience there are several reasons why contracts are introduced based on the business model and type of product. For example it is often issued when there is upfront work that invested to customize or set up a product. Another case would be when there is a minimum amount of time for the customer to see a return on investment.


Contracts that amortize debt


Cell phone companies often have contracts to frontload the huge upfront cost of today's smartphones. This can get tricky though when the cell phone service provider doesn't deliver service that meets the customer expectations. Getting a brand new iPhone that you can't make calls from doesn't do the customer or the business any good. 





At hoot we have already invested in the infrastructure and the viewer so we don't have to pass that cost onto our clients. You can stay completely unbound with no monthly minimums or commitment, with the ability to cancel at any time. You have the freedom to choose a different hosting platform with the comfort of knowing you still have complete access to your media and full ownership of your images.



Long term results


Gyms are notorious for forcing members into long term contracts with no ability cancel early. In fact there are multiple class action lawsuits fighting this type of business model. Even though its common knowledge that you can't get fit in 24 hours, some gyms fail to live up to our expectations when it comes equipment, classes, and scheduling. 




Hoot delivers results immediately. The idea of committing to anything for a specified period of time without the ability to experience or try it out beforehand does not sound appealing whatsoever to a majority of consumers. Having flexibility to choose to continue with a service or product is a huge benefit and makes a purchasing decision much easier to make.


We are completely confident in the value and quality of our viewer and the benefits for a business and their patrons. Instead of forcing a time or usage commitment to ensure customers are using our services, we let the viewer sell itself.  It is designed to create the most interactive and engaging experience possible for online shoppers, and therefore represent the brand and products in the best way possible.


Why invest in imaging and not showcase it in the most effective way? It’s like purchasing a piece of artwork but not bothering with a frame that fits it or distinguishes it from anything else on the wall. We want to help maximize the imaging investment with hoot, so we removed all the cumbersome barriers, such as contracts, to make it as easy as possible to host on a site.


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