A powerful platform built for agility and dependability

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Reliability is crucial with any service, especially when it comes to delivering content to potential customers shopping online. On top of that, online browsers expect content to download immediately and become impatient and frustrated if they need to wait long.

These details are incredibly important to deliver a postitive online experience and to encourage consumers to return to a site. One bad experience could potentionally result in a lost customer for life and determine if a product will be purchased or not. That's why it's important to create a pleasant experience right off the bat that exceeds expectations. This is the reason why we built our content delivery network (CDN) on the backbone of Amazon AWS to ensure the hoot experience is delivered with the best possible performance. 



Amazon's global content delivery network



Utilizing hoot's powerful CDN platform saves bandwidth for our clients' websites so it doesn't interfere with any load time or content speed. Our platform was built for the future so content is delivered in real time and has been optimized for scalability and to eliminate down time. 


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