Secure sharing of media is simple with hoot

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In today's marketing world it can be a nightmare trying to track down an image for a site or knowing who to ask for social media videos just within an organization and marketing team. The correct images never seem to be in the right file or someone forgot to share their location, quickly leading to a wild goose chase that can waste valuable time and energy. It can get even more complicated when a reseller or another external organization needs assets to promote a product on their site or catalog. 



The complex system of modern marketing technologies used today 






Hoot's media platform solves all of these issues by delivering an uncomplicated and straightforward approach to accessing all the assets needed. It was designed and built with the goal of keeping things organized and within reach at any time. With so many different marketing facets that consistently require different types and forms of media, things can get complicated quickly.


Not everyone follows the same naming convention or understands what another part of the marketing department needs from creative. Requests for assets rapidly get lost in translation, creating frustration and wasting valuable time and energy. Having an individual personal account empowers a user to get what they want when they need it and know precisely where the specific media can be found. Our platform is designed for collaboration on an individual basis to facilitate a team to work smarter, not harder on every level.



It is simple to securely access, view, and download assets for a particular product at any time through your hoot user account.







Admin share permissions provide peace of mind knowing that this media sharing tool provides the security needed to protect valuable assets with the ability to easily control who can login and access them. Teams can collaborate efficiently with an individual account for each person to login and access the media they need at any time, while keeping out unwanted users. This is especially important when working with external organizations, such as resellers and e-retailers, to ensure they have the correct media on hand to represent the products to the same standard, while still controlling the user permissions for security. It's essentially media bliss with flexibility and control. 


Hoot's media hosting platform is another way we help simplify the imaging process for teams and organizations so they can focus on what's important - providing the best products and online shopping experience to their customers. 



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