An 18 point evaluation of the super tiny jQuery 360 plugin


This is part 2 of our 10 part series comparing 360 product viewers. In this review we are taking a look at:




Super tiny jQuery 360 plugin


This lightweight viewer is designed to be easy to use. It's jQuery plugin is only 27 lines of javascript code and allows you to rotate a product image 360 degrees by moving your mouse over the image. However, is it so simple in design that it lacks necessary functionality? Let's dive in and take a look. 


For those of you who are a post or two behind, we laid out the criteria of this appraisal in our previous post: 18 vital points to consider when choosing a 360 product viewer. We have linked up each criteria's title back to this original post for reference. Let's jump in and see where this script ranks.




Consumer Experience


Load timeRating: 18 out of 20

Initial load time was 300 milliseconds on our simulated 3G connection, which is very fast. However, we dinged them 2 points because their library doesn't support parallel loading over multiple domains

ZoomRating: 0 out of 20

Zoom is not possible with this viewer.

Full ScreenRating: 0 out of 15

No full screen here either.

UsabilityRating: 15 out of 20

It's pretty easy to figure out, but it only works when you hover over the tiny box that contains the viewer.

Unified experienceRating: 0 out of 5

This viewer is very basic. There is no unified experience.

DisabilitiesRating: 0 out of 10

It appears that the developers did not consider disabled individuals whatsoever. 






Desktop compatibilityRating: 20 out of 25

It works on a desktop, but is only able to tie into mouse hover movement which is a bummer, so we dinged them 5 points here.

Mobile compatibilityRating: 2 out of 25

We got it to work, but the experience was terrible. We can't imagine many users would be able to figure this out. 

DesignRating: 10 out of 20

Well, it is minimalistic which we do like. But it doesn't do all that much at the same time. 

ResponsivenessRating: 2 out of 10

This is a very basic viewer. It is not very responsive and jittery on older computers. It also relies on jQuery which tends to slow things down a bit.






FlexibilityRating: 3 out of 10

If you use this plugin, you're writing code. It's flexible in the worst possible way. 

Multilingual supportRating: 9 out of 10

Without any text in the viewer, there isn't a need to change the language. We felt like this was cheating though so we dinged them a point.

Automated test suiteRating: 0 out of 10

There is no automated test suite.

Inline embedRating: 20 out of 20

The only way this viewer works is inline. 






LicensingRating: 8 out of 10

There is no license specified with this viewer, but it is publicly available on Github. The whole thing is only 27 lines of code so the author probably didn't bother. 

SupportRating: 2 out of 15

It's on Github which is a plus. You could always open an issue there, but no support plan is available.

DataRating: 0 out of 10

No integration available for analytics. 

HostingRating: 0 out of 15

No hosting is provided, so it's up to you to figure that out.





This plugin is only 27 lines of code so you can't expect it to provide a lot of functionality. That being said, it leaves a lot to be desired. It's total rating was:




Rating: 109 out of 270




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