An 18 point evaluation of the yofla 360 product viewer


This is part 4 of our 10 part series comparing 360 product viewers. In this review we are taking a look at:




Yofla 360 product viewer


This viewer is in the middle of the pack. It is really close to being great, but the developers dropped the ball on a few usablity points that would be really difficult to change at this point and would also make the whole viewer unusable for some websites. 


We are on post 4 of 10, and in our first post we laid out the criteria of this ranking: 18 vital points to consider when choosing a 360 product viewer. We have linked up each criteria's title back to this original post for reference. Let's jump in and see where this script ranks.




Consumer Experience


Load timeRating: 5 out of 20

Initial load time was 18 seconds on our simulated 3G connection. This is not the slowest we've experienced, but would be too slow for most visitors to wait for. 

ZoomRating: 12 out of 20

Good news is that they are loading higher resolution images when zooming so load speed is optimized. Bad news is that they are loading the entire image, and once the request is made they load ALL the other zoom images tieing up the connection.

Full ScreenRating: 15 out of 15

Their full screen works great. 

UsabilityRating: 1 out of 20

This is where it really falls short. They have tied in the scrolling of the page to the image rotation. This basically makes the page unscrollable on mobile and desktop devices once you scroll onto the viewer. 

Unified experienceRating: 5 out of 5

They have got a pretty great unified experience. Best one we have seen thus far. 

DisabilitiesRating: 0 out of 10

It appears that the developers did not consider disabled individuals. 






Desktop compatibilityRating: 15 out of 25

It works on a desktop computer minus scrolling.

Mobile compatibilityRating: 15 out of 25

It works great on a phone but the scrolling locks once your thumb touches the viewer.

DesignRating: 7 out of 20

The buttons are really dated and too small for mobile devices. They distract and take away from the product. 

ResponsivenessRating: 5 out of 10

It's very responsive. But again, the scrolling makes the whole site feel broken.






FlexibilityRating: 3 out of 10

It's somewhat flexible. You apparently need to download a program to configure it, which seems like an overkill. This wouldn't work well for a comapny with a large number of skus.

Multilingual supportRating: 0 out of 10

They only support one language

Automated test suiteRating: 0 out of 10

There is no automated test suite.

Inline embedRating: 20 out of 20

The only way this viewer works is inline. 






LicensingRating: 7 out of 10

It appears to be free to use with attribution and paid without, and can be used on 3 domains. 

SupportRating: 12 out of 15

Actually it's pretty good. The only thing missing is telephone support. 

DataRating: 10 out of 10

They integrate with google analytics. 

HostingRating: 0 out of 15

No hosting is provided, so it's up to you to figure that out.





Great viewer overall if they would fix the scrolling issues and load speed. It's total rating was:




Rating: 130 out of 270




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