Chemistry is Forever.

Sublime imaging that transformed how handmade boards are represented online.

Embedded within an industry of mass reproduction, Chemistry takes pride in the virtually extinct term of originality with their handcrafted Surfboards built in Oceanside, California and ridden around the globe. Their accessibility worldwide is unparalleled, but online shoppers were limited in their ability to see the unique shape, dimensions, and contours of the boards. Hoot's 360 imaging revealed all the thoughtful details that make Chemistry's boards so high-performance and progressive with the goal to reduce the amount of questions about the boards as well.

Take this board on an

Epic test ride

with photography that unleashes its full potential.

There's much more to a surfboard than meets the eye, especially in flat 2D imaging. No amount of detailed descriptions could adequately convey the shape of the rocker and channels to serve this board justice.


Every thoughtful detail that went into the creation of this model is conveyed without a single word. Finally riders can behold all the authentic details that make this explosive board surprisingly controllable while surfing at high speeds.

Experience every detail

Magnified to unveil

every ingredient that formulates this board's chemistry.