Deering 1

The great American banjo company.

A legendary tale of how modern imaging enriched a family tradition.

With a staff that has over 231 years of combined banjo building expertise and a full range of hand-built instruments, Deering has created a legacy delivering high quality products for over 40 years. To stay competitive in the online world, they also recognized the need for contemporary imagery to represent their iconic banjos. Utilizing hoot's technology to illustrate the premium quality and genuine care that goes into each instrument will help empower consumers to make a more informed purchase on every level.

A riveting visual experience so

Vivid and realistic

you can almost hear the banjo being played.

The Deering Tenbrooks Legacy banjo is as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. However, the thoughtful design and quality construction is limited by flat images that are unable to provide the depth needed to truly appreciate the specs of the neck and pot.


Not only are the striking composition and polished finish of the rich mahogany immediately recognizable from every angle, but also the fine details of the ebony fingerboard and inlay pattern. The instrument becomes so alive that you swear you can hear it's sweet, warm tone.

A banjo this gorgeous

Deserves to be seen

up close.