Ebmm black as night

Building the highest level of hand-crafted instruments available.

Old world craftsmanship meets innovative modern technology.

Since 1984, Ernie Ball Music Man has been designing and manufacturing premiere American made guitars and basses out of San Luis Obispo, California. Every instrument is meticulously crafted, and the millwork achieves the perfect balance of machine-driven precision and personal touch of an experienced handcraftsman. With the amount of care and attention to detail invested in each instrument, it was important to have that reflected online through their product imaging. Hoot's innovative photography provided a progressive approach in representing every hand-crafted detail that goes into building these beautiful iconic tools for artists.

An unwavering demand for

High performance

embodied through photography

One of the most ergonomic and perfectly balanced instruments available, The Majesty guitar features neckthrough body design, unparalleled upper and lower fret access, economical in-line control knob placement and new digital pickup switching capabilities. However, all of these deliberate details are difficult to pick up in a couple still shots.


In just one virtual spin, it's unmistakably apparent the amount of time invested into the design and detail of this masterpiece. Hoot's imaging highlights the polished ebony fretboard and sleek modern feel, which are just a couple of the distinguished elements that make signature model so impactful to listeners and viewers alike.

Interactive zoom proven to

Boost sales volume

through an amplified perspective.