Kurgo 1

...go together.

An unexpected companion that turbo-charged consumer engagement.

Originally established by brothers with the inspiration to keep dogs safe when traveling with their humans, Kurgo has been continually innovating great products that let people and their dogs explore the world together. It's obvious to see how personally they take their work in the quality, design, and functionality of each product that the brand is recognized for. Finding a more effective way to showcase this in their online imagery initially drove them to try out hoot. Within a couple weeks, it was evident the positive impact hoot's imaging had on their online sales conversion and consumer engagement.

Harnessing powerful technology to

Unleash the potential

of communicating a product's functionality through imaging.

Ensuring your canine companion is traveling safe is a top priority, and still images can obscure the meticulous details that make this harness so secure. Since your pup can't communicate if it comfortably fits, it's important to provide imaging that speaks volumes.


With five adjustments points clearly shown in 360, it's easy to understand why it's a near custom fit for any dog. The chest pad that reduces stress and disperses kinetic energy across the dog is also distinguishable, along with the halt ring for controlled walking.

An in-depth focus on

Dog safety

through product quality and construction.



Return on Investment

Imaging that pays for itself

After starting with an initial test of three products in 360 degree imaging on their site, Kurgo quickly experienced a 2.5x increase in their online sales conversion, generating over $5,000 in additional revenue in just a couple months. Not only did the imaging pay for itself and then some in the first month, but it continues to deliver value on their site and product sales.